ZIMply Monitoring (SCADA)

Our smart and innovative ZIMply Tracker Control is the heart of the ZIM Track System.

ZIMply Monitoring (SCADA)

Professional operation and maintenance of projects through reliable and state of the art monitoring

  • Individual access for all customers to extract all relevant data in real time and history for each project
  • Access to all weather data in real time including alarming
  • Map visualisation for easy and fast status presentation
  • Automatic detection of angle difference between actual and target position and corresponding alarm to the operator
  • Cosolidation of multiple projects into one account of the ZIMply Monitoring Portal
  • Individual and customer specific periodic reports for optimal operation and controlling of project portfolio


Colomera – Spain31,158 modules
17 MWp
508 trackers
Start of construction: 2023

Picon – Spain91,674 modules
50 MWp
1,268 trackers
Start of construction: 2022

Poblete – Spain37,402 modules
20 MWp
529 trackers
Start of construction: 2022

Grabik – Poland64,260 modules
35,022 MWp
924 trackers
Start of construction: 2022

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