Site-Specific Planning

Planning accounts for only 10% of the overall project effort but determines 90% of a succesful execution and close out. We take it serious.

Site-Specific Planning

ZIM Track ONE’s 3D site planning ensures the long-term viability and reduces installation costs significantly

  • Slope analysis according project specific static calculation to ensure maximum yield
  • Every installation is tailored to the site’s topography to reduce groundworks and material costs
  • Shorter tracker lengths in high slope areas possible to ensure installation quality according static calculation
  • Collision areas can be analysed in detail and then resolved
  • Piling location and embedment depth are optimised based on a 3D model of project site
  • Inhouse calculations and planning are performed for efficient, safe, and fast piling
  • GPS-based 3D ramming possible using piling coordinates.
Each project is design to site’s topography
Slope analysis according for each project individually
Collision areas can be analysed and solved upfront
Large scale project with individual planning
Inhouse calculations and planning for each project


Grabik – Poland64,260 Modules
35,022 MWp
Start of construction: 2022

Fos-Sur-Mer – France78,364 Modules
34 MWp
1,145 trackers
Start of construction: 2021

Lottorf – Germany23,184 Modules
10 MWp
276 trackers
Start of construction: 2021

Diego de Almagro – Chile442,179 Modules
233 MWp
5,849 trackers
Start of construction: 2021

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